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V E T E R A N S   M E E T S   T R A D I T I O N A L I S T S


Thursday 25th June 2015
Kick-Off: 18:30 hrs
in the Erika-Fisch-Stadium

Thursday the 25.06.2015 the former international players, who had been playing for Germany from about 1980 to 2008 meet the Traditional team of Hannover 96.

The squads:
Keeper: Dirk Zimmermann, Thomas Hafner
Defense: Bernd Greiner, Filip Kieffer, Markus Kunze, Nico Lehr, Marc Bender
Midfield: Christian Kliemant, Sven Friedrich, Adam Wiczorek, Thomas Plotzki, Andreas Salzmann, Holger Stapelfeldt, Thomas Krämer, Klaus Schmidt
Offense: Daniel Jagla, Klaus Pfefferl, Armin Dorfschmid, Michael Heider, Matthias Schwede

Free Entrance.

Photo left: Traditional team of Hannover 96, Photo right: Silver for Germany Deaflympics 2001 in Rome/ITA


Friday 26th June 2015
18:00 hrs
Clubhouse of the Deaf Sports Club Hanover
Haubergstraße 9
30625 Hannover Kleefeld

Reunion of the national team players of 1965 and before
Occasion: Bronze medal win in football at 10th Worldgames of the Deaf in Washington D. C. /USA in 1965
Reunion at the Clubhouse of the GSV Hannover with barbecue. Organized by Werner Schulz and Gerhard Ehrenreich. Photo-presentation from the matches in the USA by Gerhard Ehrenreich. Afterwards entertainment

Bronze medal winner of 1965